Blue Cross Blue Shield Billboard @ Wrigley Field

An iPhone snap I took along with the printed final photos for the ad. (above)

The billboard appears right across from this statue on Addison & Clark.

“Let’s Play Two!”

A photo of me standing on Wrigley Field. 😉 This was a great day at work!

The crew enjoying Ernie’s company. He truly has boundless energy.  After meeting him in person, there is no doubt in my mind why he was named “Mr. Cub”.

I could barely keep up with him to touch up his makeup, as he was talking to groundskeepers, crew, security, and Wrigley staff.  He knew everyone by name, including the gentleman sweeping the floor in the hallway.

This man’s energy, love and enthusiasm for the Cubs and baseball is never-ending.

This is some dirt from Wrigley that was stuck onto my lint roller from the day’s shoot. Terra Firma from the heart of Wrigley Field.  If you are a Cub fan, you’ll understand.