Chicago is a monthly magazine published by Tribune Publishing. It concentrates on lifestyle and human interest stories, and on reviewing restaurants, travel, fashion, and theatre from or nearby Chicago. Its circulation in 2004 was 165,000, larger than People in its market. Also in 2004, it received the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. It is a member of the City and Regional Magazine Association

Chicago was established in 1952. It was founded as the programming guide for the classical radio station WFMT and was called Chicago Guide. The name was changed in 1975.

In 1981, Chicago introduced the Nelson Algren Award, a short story contest that the magazine later abandoned before it was picked up by the Chicago Tribune newspaper.

In December 1986, Chicago Educational Television Association, which had owned WFMT and WTTW, announced that it would sell the magazine for $17 million to a joint venture formed by Metropolitan Detroit Magazine and Adams Communications. The deal closed in January 1987. Landmark Communications bought the magazine in 1990. Primedia bought the magazine in 1995. Tribune bought the magazine from Primedia in 2002.