The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) was founded in 2005 by President Clinton. Doug Band, counselor to President Clinton, was also heavily involved in the formation.[13] Clinton has credited Band with being the originator of CGI and has noted that “Doug had the idea to do this. Band left his paid position at CGI in 2010, preferring to emphasize his Teneo business and family pursuits, but remains on the CGI advisory board. The overlap between CGI and Teneo, which Bill Clinton was a paid advisor, drew criticism. One of its major donors is Norway’s government—20 million Norwegian kroner per year as of 2013.

President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff opens Clinton Global Initiative Latin America in Rio de Janeiro, 2013

In 2007, President Clinton started CGI U, which expanded the model of CGI to students, universities, and national youth organizations. CGI U has been held at Tulane University, the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Miami, the University of California, San Diego, The George Washington University, Washington University in St. Louis, Arizona State University, and University of California, Berkeley. Panelists and speakers have included Jon Stewart, Madeleine Albright, Vandana Shiva, Bill and Chelsea Clinton, Stephen Colbert, Jack Dorsey, Greg Stanton, U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Shane Battier, Salman Khan (founder of Khan Academy), and U.S. Rep. John Lewis.

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Bill Clinton Interview

Can I tell you how excited I was to land this gig? Bill Clinton is one of THE most famous people in the world. Up there with Muhammad Ali. This was the first time (and three to follow) that I have had Secret Service clearance. Per request, I sent all my pertinent info, to be checked by the Secret Service.

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